Cali Roll Helmet Portrait

I was being spied on at the moto shop while I was painting  

I was being spied on at the moto shop while I was painting  

I have always been a tinkerer,and illustrator. When I first moved into my apartment at the Hill Haus, I wanted to create portraits of my favorite helmet icons for the long hallway/living room wall. Of course like

my million of other projects, I had never started it with a sense of urgency.  


During a recent rough priod of life, I had made my first visit to the Blick Art store in Philly. It was wonderful and I wanted everything and I wanted to make and do every kind of art. I had picked up some brushes, acrylic paint, and a wooden canvas amongst other things... It was hard not to spend all of the monies I already don't have. 


So I've decided to do the series of helmet portraits on the wood canvas which I did not gesso, it's 8x10. Relatively a small size but I thought appropriate in a grand scheme of being a series.  



I know I am not an icon or a character of sorts, well... Anyway, I love my kigurumi helmet so much, I wanted to do a self portrait of it first: 

It's not the best thing but I'm pretty proud of it. Especially considering it has probably been ten years since I painted like this. I do want to sell prints and the original piece in the near future after having painted a few others. 

Thanks for reading. :)  

XO Attì