Past Merchandising Projects

Merchandising at H&M

I have worked at H&M for five years previously and during that time, I have developed many skill sets. Customer service and team work was probably the biggest ones. But they do teach a lot of merchandising and sales. It may have changed now, but during my time, everyone did everything and learned how to do everything. Including merchandising and visual setups.

I was fortunate enough to be a visual merchandiser with them. Learning trends, reacting to selling trends, pushing items, and teaching others a standard of quality. Some of it was a very corporate and planned process much like most retail business and some of it was organic--which the flexibility in business is what is important for success.

Merchandising at 515 Moto

One of my favorite times at 515 Moto would be cleaning and merchandising their retail space. They had some moto themed products that sold well when grouped together in a certain way with visual appeal.

Keeping the retail space changing and fresh is important to me. It is what catches people's eye. Also anything stagnant is not appealing.