TROG 2016

A few photos from 2016's The Race of Gentlemen in Wildwood, NJ. Always a good time and that year they moved it to June instead of October like the previous few years. There are pros and cons to this and every year it is bigger, better, more organized, and crowded.

I liked it better in October for my own comfort because it was after beach season. So you can find hotel rooms for cheap, it is still warm enough to ride, I'm pretty sure you can bring your dog to the beach since it is after beach season, and the streets are empty. Meaning, it was cheap, loud, and crazy fun.

With it being in June now (and the west coast TROG being in October), it is harder to find a hotel room last minute and they will screw you over if you don't reserve more than one night. It happened to us, we just wanted to stay overnight Saturday and our reservation got canceled by the motel. It was also some high school party weekend and another convention going on. We got a parking ticket too since it was beach season and we didn't have a hotel anymore. We used to be able to bring our booze to the beach low key but at the bond fire party Saturday, the TROG and local cop folks were checking bags and not allowing backpacks in. I guess alcohol without a permit is technically illegal on public beaches and also TROG is heavily sponsored by Not Your Father's root beer and Sailor Jerry. 

But they did have the wall of death, Death Riders. That was an awesome treat. And talking about treats, they served alcoholic root beer floats. Being in June, it was also warm out. It was nice to walk around in summer clothes and lie around in the warm sand (accept that rainy Sunday but that's okay, we left before then). All the local restaurants and board walk shops, games, and rides were opened too. Most of them are closed after beach season. PS watch out for a hilariously drunk woman doing yoga in front of the bond fire, hitting on the firemen. 

Tickets, dates, and info here!