Mohawk Ryders Lurray Cavern Ride 2015

This was a very long day for me and my friends. We woke up at 6am in Baltimore to meet some of the Mohawk Ryders at a gas stop in Virginia for a long back roads ride to the Lurray Caverns. The Mohawk Ryders are all super nice folks who are into riding sport bikes, doing long rides, charity, dinners and drinks, and going to the track together. If you're in the Maryland/Virginia area, I suggest checking them out if you're also into sport bikes.

The crazy thing about this ride was at the first stop I ran into an uncle whom I haven't seen in a very long time since I was maybe nineteen. He was the first one who put me in the back of his motorcycle for rides. I felt like it was very cool to randomly be both invited to a ride and run into each other. Unfortunately he crashed his bike on the ride and had to go home, he was fine. He slipped on a lot of gravel at a bottom of a small hill and messed up his bike :/

That day was easily a 12 hour day with maybe 8-10 hours of riding. But it was fun and one of my favorite rides to date.