10 Training with Johnny Lewis 2016

Last February in 2016, I had taken the opportunity to do a private flat track class in Ocala, FL with Johnny Lewis (www.trainingby10.com). It was with a friend and a few new friends now, Sasha Valentine (www.caferacerxxx.com), Kim Kenney (www.themissfires.com), Kerry Sano (www.motovelocita.com), and Leticia Cline (www.leticiacline.com).

It was the first time I was on a dirt bike and it was kind of hard but really fun. I definitely did not know how to ride that thing efficiently. The first day we geared up and we all were learning the simple actions of where our body positions would ideally have the most control during certain actions like slowing down and accelerating... And then changing direction and then accelerating again.

After a day of that, my shoulders and back was so sore... It made me wonder if I was riding a motorcycle correct at all. I definitely was an eye opener in terms of finding your balance in weight for control but also looking ahead and setting yourself up for the next major position or action. It was almost like learning how to ride a motorcycle all over all but differently--learning all the small actions so you can know them instinctively to do them all at once.

The other women had more experience with bikes in every way and they were all competitive. Mean while I was just having fun, which I'm fine with. I did it to have more experience and it does change how you ride afterwards with thinking and viewing way ahead and positioning your body for that. 

Johnny and his wife (and cutest son but now they also have the cutest girl too) were super down to earth and welcoming. They were so approachable and provided lunch and for some of the ladies, a place to stay. I think now, Johnny has expanded or updated extra room to accommodate a few people on the grounds of the speedway. You are also able to camp there as well.

I always recommend doing this at least once with Johnny, it was a good experience that makes you want to do more training. Even if it isn't for racing, I am glad I did it. 

A little video I made from small clips that I was able to film that weekend.