Triumph 2017 Street Triple RS on the Homestead-Miami Speedway

This year Triumph continues to keep their promise on the release of new bikes--Bonneville Bobber, Street Scrambler, and the Street Triple RS to name a few. What I am really excited to talk about is their new update on the Street Triple RS. 

A little history on the Street Triple family: The first Street Triple Triumph released was in 2007. It is modeled after the Speed Triple but has the three in-line cylinder 675 cc engine from their Daytona 675 model. The Street Triple is a naked streetfighter bike with its distinguished dual headlights.

Fast forward to 2017, the Street Triple is updated with a 765 cc engine derived from the Daytona--stepping up its power. The new Street Triple will come in a base S version, a R version, a low seat height R version, and the top model, RS version. Don't expect the S or the low seat height versions to appear too much in the US though. The market will predominantly sell the R and the RS version. Which is fine with me, those two versions have the best ranges of power and technology available. Thus includes an array of fun things like a good looking, easy to use LCD adjustable gauge that allows you to custom your settings and choose different presets in riding modes such as track, sport, road, rain, etc. Other things about the new Street Triple RS is that it comes with ABS with traction control options and slip and assist clutch. But what does any of that mean to anyone?

Well, I was lucky enough to be able to tag along with Triumph America and their dealers to join their Immersion Event to test ride the pre-production Street Triple RS on the Homestead-Miami Speedway in South Miami. It did not disappoint.

It was my first track experience on a road race track and what a bike to do that on for the first time. I was truly and pleasantly surprised by the lightness of the bike and the ability to whip it around without having to overthink about taking turns too low, counter weight, or speed. With the slip and assist clutch and the ABS brakes, the bike was very forgiving with any minor slip ups or errors from learning a new bike. It has a great sound too, not too quiet but not too loud with an Arrow slip on exhaust add-on accessory available.

Although I am short and only 5'2" tall, the seat height was a normal height at 32.5". Which would be more comfortable for someone that is 5'6"+ tall but because the bike was so light that even on my toes at a stop I did not mind it so much. The throttle control was not too touchy, to me it had the right sensitivity that allowed you to roll on the throttle comfortably without being too much power at once. The reach and sitting positions on the bike were comfortable and reminded me much of my beloved Ninja where I can crouch down low or sit up straight. My only issue with the bike, being a short person, is that the kickstand is directly underneath the foot peg and is a bit hard to reach--which I'm sure it is just something you would have to get used to or find a different possible kickstand for.

It was easy to just go fast on it without realizing. I know a few of us in our group broke 120+ mph without knowing until they looked down at the gauge. Is it the fastest bike? No, it isn't. But it is an incredibly fun bike that allows you to ride without second guessing the bike. It isn't going to scare you if you go too fast and everything about it makes it so easy for you to ride--so you can take it to the track and focus on the track or take it on the road and focus on your surroundings. Also being only 100 lbs, the 765 cc engine is great for me.

I had no idea that I was going to ride the new Street Triple RS. I also had no idea it would become one of my new favorite bikes this year. I would suggest to give it a ride and see for yourself how you feel about it. They should be available in April-May of this year. 


Riding photos taken by Brian J Nelson and are a courtesy of Triumph America