Swamp Cabbage x The Selvedge Yard

What better way to celebrate a birthday weekend than a warm, fun, and energetic Saturday night at the Selvedge Yard? As always, JP and Ashley were welcoming and lovely to everyone.

Saturday was a free concert at the Selvedge Yard, an Americana gasoline cultured lifestyle store and blog, in the quaint and beautiful area of New Hope, PA. It isn’t unusual for TSY to throw these kind of events throughout the year. Even in the small space of TSY owner, JP, and his wife, Ashley, bring together a fun and intimate night of 70’s music that Swamp Cabbage performed. And what a performance it was.

Swamp Cabbage is a rock and roll band from Florida, but not just your typical band. They play the sounds of southern jazz, blues, soul, and rock—a great match for being in the TSY shop. A reminder of where rock music came from and the 70’s, Swamp Cabbage set the atmosphere. Walter, Jagoda, and Matt make up the trio as singer/guitarist, drummer, and bass player respectively. I believe their greatest charm is their live performance.

The entertainment was in the music but also in the banter and false (entertaining) but convincing facts and stories that Walter told between songs and sets. For example, Walter tried to convince us that there was a very little known fact that when George Washington and his men crossed the Delaware river, they celebrated their arduous journey by playing rock music—which Swamp Cabbage proceeded to play and which sounded a lot like “Frankenstein” by the Edgar Winters Group. Some of their songs were sensual and some were deep, others were just plain fun, like their song “Butta.” The band even drew the party out longer because we were all having so much fun.

As usual, I needed to pick up another TSY shirt (actually my beau did). Always fantastic jewelry, rings, t-shirts, hats, and jackets are at the shop. Some of my favorite t-shirts are TSY shirts (I often pack one and wear one for every moto/camp weekend because it is my favorite.)

If there is one nice ride you should take on a bike, it would be to New Hope, PA—and of course stop by the Selvedge Yard while you’re there and say hi!