REV'IT Photoshoot 2016

My friend, Brett Fox (Asphalt and Beyond), and I did a little photo sess and riding around  on a pretty okay day in Washington DC last spring (2016). We wanted to take some photos of the REV'IT gear that we ride in for us and for our friend. If you check out Brett's blog, he is doing a tour on a bike throughout Central and South America. He has taken some incredibly photos and has had many many memorable moments.

But... Here are some of the REV'IT photos that we got. I love my REV'IT winter jacket. It comes with a removable lining jacket inside, it's pretty much wind proof and water resistant, and it has a million pockets inside and out (more like six or eight pockets total). I believe that model that I'm wearing is an older women's one called Indigo. The one Brett is wearing is also a multi-season/cold weather REV'IT jacket, the men's Voltiac, another older model.

Cold weather riding is fun with the right gear and some heating elements like heated gear or grips. I feel like it is easier to prep and deal with instead of hot summers above 90 degrees (F). 

I hope you liked our photos.