Yorick and Sons Photoshoot 2016

One of my friends apprenticed at a local service shop in Fishtown, Philly called Yorick and Sons. So we took an opportunity on one of their Sundays to do some proper photos of some of these lovely local lady riders. Some of them are involved with the Litas branch, the Fox Run camping event group, while all of them are just pretty wild. 

Stevie Chris is the talented photographer behind the shoot. We really wanted to capture more natural shots of us with the bike. More throttle less model as I heard from another lady. It was a long eight hours but I think the photos are amazing. I never expect anything less from Stevie's work to be honest. He is a perfectionist and takes his work seriously even if it is a promo or for fun. I had to remind him to eat the pizza I bought for the shop, haha. I have always liked Stevie's work but also his work ethics. 

And for the girls, I can say that I am friends with them now and they're pretty cute, funny, smart, strong, and chill women that I have met on two wheels.