American Super Camp 2016

American Super Camp is a flat track training school for all ages and levels of training. The classes are usually mixed with men and women and sometimes even some skilled youths. You are taught by Danny Walker, ex-racer, and a team of other currently racing or training racers. It is a course that is traveling and available in many cities and parts of the country. Hands down, it is easily one of my favorite classes and moto thing that I have done so far.

I had gotten a Holiday special price via through their email but even the full cost is worth every penny. They provide you with all the gear you need, the bikes, and lunch everyday. A hardy lunch too. It is two days of class, usually the non-racer classes are Friday-Saturday and the racer classes are Sunday-Monday. They are the same class but the racer class is faster paced. 

I was taught from the class how to balance my body and what positions and techniques are most efficient on parts of track when I need to do a certain action. It also teaches you how to look ahead, plan ahead, and control the situation that you're in. Even if you are not planning to race, it is a great experience to give you a different perspective on how to see things while riding.

What I love most is my interaction with Danny and his team. They are just good people who actually make an effort to focus on your individual performance even if it is for two days. By day two, they will know your name and your strengths and weaknesses--and are ready to tease you and have fun. Even running into Danny at MotoAmerica, he still remembers me a bit. That's a good teacher. 

Even I have plans to go back again  because once wasn't enough. It was just way too much fun.

The link to Danny's site is at the beginning of this article or you can check out the where's and when's for their next classes on the Event Calendar here.