Nameneko! Perlorian Cats


In the early 80's, photographer Satoru Tsuda did not like cats at all. As life has its irony, he ended up creating a niche of cat photography and Japanese pop icon called Nameneko (なめ猫) which translates to "lick the cat." Also known as Perlorian, Namennayo, and Don't Pelorian! cats. 

Nameneko also made its way into American collectibles such as post cards, trading cards,  and stickers in the 1980's. Some more recent merchandise can be found in Japan and occasionally with specialty stores and collectors of plush stuffed animals, keychains, cellphone charms, stickers, and vinyl toys.

Much of theme of these cat photos were kittens dressed as delinquent or rebel youth culture like rockabilly and bosozoku gangs. There have been funny punk rock music videos using nameneko.

What better way to combine Japan, deviant culture, cute animals, and motorcycles than nameneko!