Riding the 2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber

I am honored to have been picked for Triumph's Bonneville Bobber's Brutal Beauty Tour hashtag social media contest from their tour in the US. I cannot say thank you enough to Triumph America and the individuals that were able to bring together the Triumph Immersion Event and allowing me to participate along with their colleagues and partnering dealers.

The Immersion Event was a program that they had put together to host partners and dealers an opportunity to try at first hand an amazing experience on both their new Street Triple RS and their Bonneville Bobber. The track experience that they had held at the Homestead-Miami Speedway was incredible amount of fun on their Street Triple RS. I look forward to writing, seeing, and riding more on the new Street Triple in the future. The beautiful adventure we were anticipating the most was the ride from South Miami to Key West on the new 2017 Bonneville Bobbers--and what a ride that was!

The Bonneville Bobber has taken me by pleasant surprise in so many more ways than just the aesthetic coolness and seat height (always a thing for little ol' 5'2" me). This 1200cc engine beaut was surprisingly light even at 502 lb (dry). I am only 100 lb and I did not even notice the weight of the bike. It rode so smooth and easily, I could easily whip it around with ease. The controls, clutch, and ABS brakes were all easy to use and forgiving with delays or slip ups--shifting and braking were done with complete ease and no fuss. The response of the engine was just enough power to go fast when you wanted to without feeling like you were out of control. I can dare to say that a pretty novice rider can ride the Bobber pretty easily. 

The LCD gauge were easy to cycle through and understand. It looks cool, simple, and classic as a single gauge. With additional accessories like brown quilted leather seats or different handlebars, you can really make this a personalized bike with comfort without the heartache or headache of building a total custom bike (you can even do it virtually on their website and save what you have designed). While riding down to the Keys, it just felt right to be on a bike like the Bonneville Bobber--looks, performance, feeling and all. I could definitely see this as a city bike for myself that I can ride two hours to the beach or mountains, even two hours to NYC or Baltimore (from Philly). 

After riding both the Street Triple RS and the Bonneville Bobber... They definitely won me over as a fan. And it is more than the fact that they are listening to their consumers and making stock bikes that look and feel like custom bikes. It is the fact that they are a part of the bike community and they are people who also love to ride--giving us products and experience that they too would want for themselves. 

I want a new Triumph now. It is as simple as that. I cannot wait to see the new innovations and bikes that they continue to bring into the motorcycle world--because they aren't stopping. They have a lot more that they want to give us in the near future and I am excited to be around for it. 

Your local dealer should already have them on the sales floor, click to check out the full specs and where you can find your closest dealer. You can also enjoy some great fun with the Brutal Beauty Tour in Montreal this Wednesday (February 22, 2017), info and registration for the free event is here.